Spotify vs YouTube Music: Which music streaming service is better?

Comparison between Spotify vs youtube music

We are comparing Spotify vs YouTube Music to get an Idea, which music streaming platform is better. Both are the most popular audio streaming platform. Google is the most searched platform in the world, after google, Youtube is on top in video content. Now, Yt has also launched Youtube Music.

They both are providing premium platform for better result. So today, We’ll help you out by comparing both platform (Spotify vs Youtube Music) in this article. Let’s see who will won the battle in the comparison, then you can easily choose one of them.

History and Background

Spotif’s Evolution

Spotify, which began in 2008, revolutionized the music business with its streaming strategy. Over time, it has evolved to become the dominant music streaming service, with millions of subscribers worldwide. Spotify’s continual innovation, ranging from handpicked playlists to podcast integration, has solidified its market dominance.

YouTube’s Music Evolution

YouTube Music, a relatively new competitor, debuted in 2015 as Google’s reaction to music streaming. It provides a unique combination of official tunes, covers, remixes, and live performances, drawing on YouTube’s massive material. Its incorporation with the larger YouTube ecosystem is a key asset.

Pricing of Spotify vs YOUTUBE Music

There is no difference in the pricing of Spotify and YouTube Music.

The premium plan of both platforms Spotify vs YouTube Music offers same features like:

  • High Quality Audio
  • Ads-free
  • All content Access
  • Download Songs
  • Music play in Background

If you take any of them subscription, you have to pay the same amount.


  • If you’re fond of music and listen podcasts, then Spotify is a best option
  • Spotify has introduction of audiobooks.
  • But if you prefer to watch videos, then You tube is best option.
  • Both have countless songs over their platforms.

User Interface and Experience

Spotify’s Interface

Spotify’s interface is sleek and user-friendly. It features intuitive navigation with clearly labeled tabs for Home, Search, and Your Library. The dark theme is easy on the eyes, and the layout ensures that users can quickly find their favorite songs or discover new ones.

YouTube Music’s Interface

YouTube Music’s interface, while clean, can sometimes feel cluttered due to the mix of music videos and audio tracks. The navigation includes Home, Explore, and Library tabs. The service also offers a light and dark theme, catering to different user preferences.

User Experience Comparison

Both platforms provide a smooth user experience, but Spotify’s interface is generally considered more streamlined and less visually overwhelming compared to YouTube Music.

Free plan

  • Youtube Music Allows unlimited songs skips, while Spotify not.
  • YouTube Allows us to skip ads after 5s, while on the other hand we can’t skips ads on spotify.
  • Both have same audio quality.

Music Library

Spotify’s Music Library

Spotify boasts over 70 million tracks, including a vast array of genres, artists, and curated playlists. From chart-toppers to indie gems, Spotify has something for everyone.

YouTube Music’s Music Library

YouTube Music leverages YouTube’s enormous content library, offering not just official tracks but also remixes, covers, and live performances. This diversity makes it a treasure trove for music enthusiasts who enjoy exploring different versions of songs.

Comparison of Music Libraries

While Spotify’s library is extensive and well-organized, YouTube Music’s unique offerings, like user-generated content and live performances, give it an edge for those who enjoy a broader range of audio experiences.

Sound Quality

Comparison of Audio Quality

Spotify’s higher bit rate on the Premium tier generally provides a better audio experience, particularly for audiophiles using high-quality headphones or sound systems.


In the battle between Spotify Premium and YouTube Music, both services have their strengths. Spotify excels in personalization, social features, and exclusive content, making it ideal for dedicated music and podcast listeners. YouTube Music, with its vast library of videos and unique user-generated content, offers a broader multimedia experience. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you value superior recommendations and extensive podcast offerings, Spotify might be your go-to. However, if you enjoy exploring a wide variety of music content, including videos and live performances, YouTube Music could be the better fit.

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