Spotify vs Pandora: Ultimate Comparison- which one you will choose?

Let’s talk about Spotify vs Pandora. Spotify has become a very popular music streaming platform and everyone already heard about it. But now, many other platforms have come to the market in music streaming. Now the question is, which is best, Spotify has its own value. But today we will compare Spotify vs Pandora. So if you are confused about it, this article is for you.

Spotify has good user experience, and pandora is also improving it day by day. Now, I’m differentiating many features of both of them. Must look out them and then you can choose whatever suits you or your device.

choose which is best, spotify vs pandora

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Plans and Pricing of Spotify vs Pandora

Free PlanYesYes
Individual Plan$9.99/mo$4.99/mo
Family Plan$15.99/monthN/A
Student Plan$4.99/monthN/A

Spotify is offering 3 plans while pandora is offering 1 plan, that is equal to Spotify student plan. So there is a huge difference in Pricing.

While on the other hand, both have free version, you can also choose them but they are with ads. Means you can listen music but with ads. And if you want to get Spotify Premium for free, then Link.

Audio Quality

Let’s talk about the audio quality, and this is the main thing. Pandora vs Spotify Audio Quality:

Spotify offers 1660 kbps in its free version and 320 kbps in the premium version. Pandora gives users a 64 kbps in free users and 192 kbps for premium users.

In this Spotify is much better than the pandora. And if you only want to listen music, then you should subscribe to Spotify.


Very very important point is availability, we can only listen music in specific countries which both of them( Spotify vs Pandora) will allow us.

Spotify is available in all countries, free and premium, both plans are available in every country.

But in Pandora, it’s only limited t USA, Australia, New Zeeland.

Additional Features

There are so many other features, Spotify vs pandora are providing:

  • We can’t create Playlist in Pandora. While on the other hand, we can create playlist in Spotify.
  • we can’t download songs in pandora, either it’s free version or premium. But we can download in Spotify Premium Version.
  • Pandora has a voice search assistant option, where you can give commands and get results.
  • We can use both platform in our car as a Bluetooth.
  • Pandora has parental control feature, while Spotify, not.


We have fully analyzed pandora with Spotify, now if you were confused about which you should choose. Check all of the specifications of both platform, then choose one. Must check the availability, if you are in New Zealand, USA, Australia, then you can choose Pandora. Otherwise you can’t. If you like our post, but you can share it with your family and friends.

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