Spotify vs Apple Music: which one is better?

As we know Spotify is a music-streaming service for everyone. But, now you’re an Apple user and you want to learn about Apple Music. Apple Music is an alternative to Spotify’s music streaming service. And which one is Best?

Is it confusing to know which one is better? Spotify vs Apple Music? Let’s search about it. Both have wonderful features, we will learn below all of the features, they have different features like in pricing, their specifications, sound quality and all that.

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spotify vs apple music? which one is better?


PackagesSpotifyApple Music
Starting Price$10.99 per month$10.99 per month
Student Price$5.99 per month$5.99 per month
‘Duo’ Household$14.99 per month, 2 accounts—————-
Family Package$16.9 per month for 6 accounts$16.99 per month for 6 accounts
Annual Plan$99 per year (with gift card)$109.99 per year

Specs for Spotify vs Apple Music

HeaderApple MusicSpotify
Library Size>100 million tracks>80 million tracks
Audio QualityApple Music Lossless (from 16-bit/44.1kHz to 24-bit/48kHz) and Hi-Res Lossless (up to 24-bit/192kHz)Up to 320kbps
Audio File FormatALACOgg/Vorbis
Platform SupportiOS and desktop$iOS and Android apps, desktop, web player, smart TVs, connected speakers, cars
Exclusive FeaturesWorks with Siri on the HomePod mini; Apple Music 1 Radio; Cloud music locker; spatial audioAvailable on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and

Sound Quality

Some of the details are provided for Spotify vs Apple Music sound quality…..

Spotify free version has AAC with 128Kbps. And when you download Spotify application in your mobile or in your desktop, it will upgrade the streaming quality to 24Kbps to 160Kbps. And when it comes to Spotify premium feature, it will upgrade to AAC 256Kbps for the web and 320Kbps on the mobile application. and all these qualities will also depend on your internet connection.

Apple Music, has providing free audio quality for all of their subscribers. Apple, ALAC, that’s why it’s always providing true audio quality.

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