How to Connect Spotify to Alexa-Step by Step Tutorial

Spotify is a vast music streaming service and connect to Amazon Alexa offers a multitude of features to complete various tasks. Spotify is the most reliable reason to choose an Amazon speaker. Accessing millions of songs and podcasts with a simple voice command on your phone is hard to match.

Let’s start with playing classical pop music. Connect Spotify to Alexa allows you to play songs, podcasts, and playlists with just a voice command.

And if you’re looking to setup your Spotify Password, then Read this Article.

How to connect spotify to alexa

Alexa Enabled Devices

To connect Spotify to Alexa, you must have:

Here are some of the Amazon Alexa-enabled devices:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Echo Dot
  • Echo Show
  • Echo Show 10
  • Amazon Tap
  • Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Click on “3 lines (More)” on the bottom right corner.
  • Select settings, then click on “Music & Podcasts”.
  • Tap on “Enable to Use”.
  • Click on “Agree” to continue.

Now you have successfully enabled your Spotify Account to Alexa.

How to Setup Spotify as the Default Music Player in Alexa?

It’s difficult to use voice commands every time you connect Spotify to Alexa. Whenever you use any command, you must use “On Spotify”. And that’s so irritating to use “On Spotify”.

So that’s why, we will also learn this step-by-step to learn how to set up Spotify as the Default Music.

  • Open the Alexa app and click on “More” from the bottom right side.
  • Now, click on the “Settings”.
  • Tap on Default Services.
  • Click on the “change” button and select Spotify.
  • You successfully have set up your default music as Alexa.
  • Now, whenever you instruct Alexa to play music, you don’t have to say “On Spotify app”. It will automatically bring you to the Spotify App.

Connect Spotify to Alexa

You can use these examples of voice commands to control Spotify on Alexa.

  • “Alexa, play “The choice is Yours”.
  • “Alexa, shuffle “Party Play”.
  • “Alexa, pause “The Crossroads”.
  • “Alexa, add this song to my “Night Play”.
  • “Alexa, volume low to 25%”.
  • “Alexa, volume up to %75.”
  • “Alexa, what’s playing right now?”
  • “Alexa, who is the artist singing?”

How to disconnect Spotify from Alexa

If you want to disconnect your Spotify account From Alexa, then follow all these steps:

  • Open Alexa app.
  • Tap “More”.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Then tap on “Podcasts and Music”.
  • Click on “Spotify” .
  • Then “Disabled Skill”.
  • Now, you disabled your Spotify Account from Alexa.

Set Spotify Alarms:

You can use these commands to set Alarms,

  • Alexa, sleep me up at 6:45 a.m. to The choice is Yours
  • Alexa, work me up at 7:15 a.m. The playlist Night Play
  • Alexa, office time at 6:30 a.m. to The choice is Yours


If you are a true enthusiastic lover, then must know the features of Alexa that will improve your user experience. With voice commands, you can play songs, podcasts, albums, playlists, and even alarms. So, follow the about guidelines to connect Spotify to Alexa. You will surely need Spotify Mod Apk, becuase of some limitations in free plan, Then you can get that for free.

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